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Birth to Eight Weeks - Your Puppies Development and Life 



The first few weeks of a puppy’s life are fascinating. To share that time with the mother and babies is wonderful. But few people are able to. If you are a new owner or a first-time breeder we hope this book will reveal to you some of the magic of those important first two months of your puppy’s life.


Coming Soon: Online Groom Your Dog Programs

For Nervous dogs, for elderly dogs, and for all dogs.

For ten years we ran workshops teaching pet owners how to groom their own dogs, teaching over 1,500 people. 

Now you will find our dog care and grooming e-books for sale at Amazon, the Kindle store, Barnes & Noble's Nook Bookstore, KOBO, Apple's ibookstore, Smashwords and many other online retailers.


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You can read the full handout for our Dog Grooming Workshopshere.


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Selected Dog History and Dog Care & Grooming E-books 

Dog Grooming - Long Coats - A Beginners Guide for Pet Owners


Fully Illustrated e-book

The complete beginners guide to basic tools, washing and brushing, and de-matting your dogs long coat. This book does not cover clipping.

For US Buyers US$5.99

For Australian Buyers AUD$6.99




In e-book and Paperback

Cutting Your Dog's Nails and Pad Hair or All you ever wanted to know about  your dog's feet.

  by Puppy Care Education

Fully Illustrated

The complete e-book guide to your dog's paws and trimming your dog's toenails and pad hair.

For US Buyers E-Book US$5.99

For Australian buyers AUD$6.99

Paperback in Color US$11.99

Healthy Ears for Your Dog or

All you ever wanted to know about caring for your dog's ears.

by Puppy Care Education

Fully Illustrated e-book

The complete e-book guide to your dog's ears and helping to prevent infections and other problems.

For US Buyers US$5.99

For Australian Buyers AUD$6.99


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Dog Grooming - A Short History

by Amy Fernandez


Non Fiction

This illustrated e-book gives a short but detailed history of dog grooming, and the trials and tribulations of the development of show dog grooming and dog grooming in general.

From the days of hand clipping  and no running water, this book tells the story of how dog grooming has grown up.  


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Operations Manual for the Chinese Crested

by Amy Fernandez


Non Fiction, Breed Specialist Book

This fully illustrated e-book provides an excellently written, in depth look at the Chinese Crested, that is ideal for breeders, owners and judges. 


Award winning author Amy Fernandez has owned, bred and written about Chinese Cresteds since 1982. 


Operations Manual for the Xoloitzcuintli 

by Amy Fernandez


Non Fiction, Breed Specialist Book

The complete illustrated guide to the Xoloitzcuintli, or Mexican Hairless dog, for judges, breeders and owners.

This books is aimed at readers with a serious intestine in understandign the structure and traits of this rare and ancient breed, the Dog of the Americas.


Amy Fernandez is an award winning dog book author who has owned Xolo's and has judged the Mexican Xoloitzcuintli Specialty show in Tijuana, by invitation. Her books have won her the Howell Award for dog writing, among many awards, and she is a regular feature writer for various dog magazines.